Cross Necklace Recent Update

GACC member Ken Boudreaux stepped to the microphone and made a presentation at the July 17, 2021, social meeting that came as a real surprise to his GACC friend Carroll Fortmayer. Ken explained that he had something he wanted to return to the Fortmayer family.

When Ken’s mother, Meta Mae Adams Boudreaux, passed away last year, a small cross necklace was found in her possessions. Around 1939 when Meta was just a child, and was staying with her family in Lafitte, the Fortmayers had a camp next door. Carroll Fortmayer’s mother gave little Meta a small purse, and when Meta brought it home to show her mother, they found a cross necklace inside the purse.

Meta tried to return the necklace, but Mrs. Fortmayer wanted her to keep it.

So when Ken’s family discovered the decades-old cross last year, they decided it would be best to return it to the Fortmayers at a GACC meeting.

Carroll Fortmayer was very touched by the gift, and said he plans to frame it and display it in his home.

It was a sweet moment between old friends!


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