Members Enjoy GACC’s Return

The GACC meeting room returned to being a lively setting on July 17 when our members came back for the first monthly meeting in 15 months. It was an evening for greetings, laughter and gemütlichkeit as everyone enjoyed a reunion with their friends.

It was wonderful to have Chris Ziifle back in her familiar chair handling registration duties. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Pam Boudreaux and a group of helpers baked pretzels, keeping the serving dish full of the tasty pastries.

Ira Hopkins’ crew of volunteers kept the beer, wine, water and soft drinks stocked for everyone to enjoy.

GACC Director Carol Schlueter started off the meeting with a talk on the history and accomplishments of Louisiana’s German immigrants.

Our state is celebrating the 300th anniversary of the first Germans settling in the Bayou State in 1721.

And then it was time to enjoy a meal of appetizers and sandwiches from Gretna’s A&W Catering. Of course, A&W’s famous chicken salad sandwiches were included on the menu, as well as mini muffulettas, saucy meatballs and fruit and vegetable trays.

Dessert meant an assortment of tiny donuts, reminiscent of the filled donuts often served in Germany during festivals.

It was a very special night. We hope there will be many more in coming months!


Visit Our Museum

Step inside the GACC Museum and go back in time to 1721, when German immigrants first settled in Louisiana. You’ll learn about the waves of German pioneers that followed them to establish homes, farms and businesses across the river from New Orleans. Entry is free of charge to our museum, open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday.

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